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Nick lost his battle...​​​​​​​
...Our battle has just begun​​​​​​​​
The young man above is Nicholas Willard. Nick died of a heroin overdose on Christmas Day 2018. Nick battled with his addiction for almost six years. He went through many rehab facilities, detox centers, and intensive outpatient treatments only to eventually come home and fall back into the cycle of addiction. Nick's story might seem like so many others that come to a tragic end. However, Nick did completely beat his addiction the last 9 months of his life. He was living happily for once in a very long time. He was working, enjoying social activities, and gaining back some self-esteem and self-respect. He even spoke of plans for his future, which included helping others overcome the disease of addiction. 
Nick’s hope for life as a sober man began after he joined a sober living community in a new city nearly 700 miles away from where his drug use started. This new environment gave him a new outlook, and he realized he really had a chance to do it over with a fresh start. Nick worked the 12-step program and met a new family of friends that he loved. In the time period immediately before he died, Nick was happier than he had been in a long time.
On his visit home for Christmas in 2018, Nick made his final decision. A decision that took his life, and that took him from a family that he loved and that loved him very much. We will forever miss Nick. Nick will never be defined by his addiction but by his humanity, his good heart, and his love for others.  We fight this battle against addiction in Nick's name and seek to provide hope, help, and solutions to those addicted.
Are you or someone you know in the cycle of addiction or mental illness that accompanies it? Depression, despair, hopelessness, isolation?  Have you exhausted your immediate resources only to have the same options offered again and again? Do you desire a positive new life somewhere away from your past? ​​​​

We believe that sobriety depends on a person leaving the past and the physical location of where the abuse started. We believe people plagued with this cycle can truly succeed if given the chance to move from the memories, social scene, negativity, and stigma that they themselves have become a prisoner of - a way to live again. Nick found it, and we know others can as well.

​Our goal is to avoid having anyone's life end as Nick's did. 

It starts with a new chance...
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Your donation will help save lives and end the crisis of drug addiction that terrorizes so many individuals and their familes.

If you are suffering from a drug addiction, we can help! Contact us now for support in finding a new home. You CAN live again.
If you know someone suffering from a drug addiction, don't give up on them. Together, we can offer a new chance.